We Love Wood Too

Speciality Small-Scale Lumber

You’ll know it the moment you see it: 

that deeply-figured board catching the sunlight just right, revealing a rich symphony of color and texture. At Walnut Road, we strive to make every single piece of our stock special – and that quality 

is reflected in our respect for sustainable harvesting methods, our careful review of each log prior 

to processing, our exacting slab cutting and
quarter sawing methods, and the time we take 

in kiln-drying our product. Regardless of whether
you’re seeking an amazing slab of Rainbow Tulip wood

for an executive table, or that one-in-a-thousand
piece of tiger maple to craft an instrument that 

will be handed down through the generations, 

we at Walnut Road can provide you with the 

most exquisite ready-to-use wood that’s available.